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16.11.2012 - Vet4Vip Project Receives European Language Label Award

Image "Logo_EuropeanLanguageLabel_Award.gif"Vet4Vip was awarded with the European Language Label in the vocational training area. On the 8th of November, Antonio Quatraro from the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Mario Paiano from Centro Machiavelli, and Thomas Deharde from the Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie received the award on behalf of the Vet4Vip partnership from the Italian National Agency in Rome.

25.09.2012 - Allvip Project Receives E-learning Award

Image "Logo_Innovation_Award.gif"The project Allvip was awarded with the Innovation Award of the German Mid-Size-Companies Initiative for innovative e-learning products in 2012. The English training modules developed by the Vet4Vip project are advanced versions of the technology used by the Allvip project.

27.08.2012 - Vet4Vip Products Available for Download

All products of the Vet4Vip project are now available under Products.

07.08.2012 - Learning Software for Blind People

Interview of Joris Gräßlin from EURANET (European Radio Network) with Beate Ströhlein from BFW Würzburg gGmbH about the Vet4Vip project. The short interview (in German) can be listened to from the EURANET website or from here.

19.07.2012 - VET4VIP made the Department of Health Annual Report on Assistive Technology in the UK for the Second Year

The Department of Health has just published a comprehensive review of the projects undertaken across the UK between April 2011 and March 2012 that aim to develop innovative technologies to support older and disabled people to maximise their independence. This annual report to Parliament on research and development in assistive technology (AT) is authored by the Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST) and it is based on their free online database available on the FAST website.
The latest Parliamentary report is available on the Department of Health website and on the FAST website, together with previous reports, via this link.

02.04.2012 - VET4VIP Conference in Berlin, Germany

VET4VIP presents projects results and products in a small conference in Berlin on the 23rd of May. For more details and participation, please check the Conference Schedule or contact conference@vet4vip.org.

November 2011 - ENVITER Conference

Lennox Adams from the Royal National College for the Blind introduced the Vet4Vip project at Reichstag Buildings to Germany ambassadors, politicians and to ENVITER (European Network for Vision Impairment Training Education & Research) senior representatives from 20 EU countries.

July 2011 - Presentation of Vet4Vip on the ICC Camp, Italy

The Vet4vip project was introduced in several workshops on the International Camp on Communication and Computers for blind and partially sighted students in Florence and Ferrara, Italy. In these workshops, young students started to learn a language - in this case Italian - using the force-feedback Vet4Vip/Allvip technology.

21.11.2010 - Presentation of Vet4Vip on the Expolingua, Berlin

Centro Machiavelli participated in the fair for its duration with its own stand at the exhibition in which there was a special corner dedicated to the project VET4VIP, illustrating to visitors its  overall aims and specific objectives.

12.11.2010 - Presentation of Vet4Vip at the ICT Conference for Language Learning, Florence

The project was introduced at the ICT conference under the topics "ICT Based Language Teaching Solutions" and "Innovative Language Teaching and Learning Methodologies". See "Introduction the project's basic concept and technology".

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